Lucas Lou Cover Starlight



Considering myself a cheerful person and incurable optimist one thing drives me the most: I believe there is good! I really do! For sure, bad things happen but still I witness love changing things for the better everyday. And this is why I believe that there is always reason to hope!

Music is my passion and my expression ... a way of celebrating the highs and processing the lows. But in the end my only ambition is to make music which encourages you to keep up hope, faith and love for only these maintain what is good.

I don't want to withhold sorrow and pain but I pray that the sound I've been creating makes you feel happy and upbeat - ready to sing and dance and celebrate life!
... ready to take a stand and put yourself out for what is good!

Blogposts coming soon.
Stay tuned!

  • Thank you for your interest in what I do and for the time you spend to visit my page. I don’t take it for granted! Mainly the gratitude I feel towards God and towards You motivates me to do what I do and share right from the inside. All my heart and soul is in this project and the message I want to share is really important to me … so thank you for listening, watching and reading and most of all for being open!

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